How Do You Store Scraps For Compost?


l can think of very few recycling systems that are as efficient as composting. Composting takes scraps that would otherwise be thrown away and converts them to a valuable ( and free!) garden soil amendment.

To store scraps throughout the day, I like to keep a covered plastic container next to my sink for fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, and other compostables. Using a covered container keeps me from smelling the onion ends and is more aesthetically pleasing.


There are some decorative compost buckets out there, but with my system I get a few more uses out of a plastic container that will be trashed anyway.

When it gets yucky, I just toss it and use something else!

What do you use to store your scraps for compost? I’d love to hear about it in the comments to this post or on my page on Facebook!

For more composting tips, you can read my post Coffee to Compost, Literally!


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  1. I use old plastic milk cartons. I cut around the tops, leaving a tiny bit attached so that I can lift up the top as a lid. I like them because they can hold a lot and come with a ready made handle. You can easily wash them out or discard them if they get too hard to clean. I wish the seal was tighter but I am still experimenting with that.

    • This is another great example of getting use out of what many just throw away. There’s no shortage of milk jugs at my house; I may have to try this!

  2. Since reading about comparing on you blog, I have incorporated a coffee can and started a compost pile outside. It is amazing how quickly it is starting to grow!

    • Yes, it’s amazing to think of how much kitchen and yard trash I threw away before I started composting. So glad you have started too!

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