One Dish Chicken and Yellow Rice Recipe


We all need a dinner idea that just requires 5 minutes of hands on time. This recipe only has two ingredients. Ok, three ingredients, if you include the water.

This chicken and yellow rice recipe is one of my husband’s favorite meals and is a snap to throw together.


Ingredients: chicken thighs, Mahatama yellow rice mix, and water

I usually use 6 chicken thighs and a 5 serving bag of rice mix, but you can use smaller amounts as desired.

Don’t use generic yellow rice; you will regret not spending the 14 cents for the superior product. With some ingredients, brand doesn’t matter; it matters in this recipe.

Pour the rice mix into a 9×13 pan, then pour in the amount of water required on the package.


Lay the chicken thighs evenly on the rice and water.


Bake at 375° F for 45 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.


Pretty simple: pour rice, pour water, place chicken, and bake.

It’s delicious, but doesn’t require much prep or time over a stove.

I like to serve this with a green vegetable, like some collards or savory sauteed mustard greens. It makes for a pretty plate and it’s an easy side dish to make too.

I love easy dinners, don’t you? Remember to pin this recipe for later. Feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook, too!


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