What I Found at 3 A.M.


Ever gotten up and just couldn’t sleep?


It’s February in Florida, which means that I am getting spring fever and thinking about starting seeds.

So when I was up one night and just couldn’t stop thinking about the bulk seeds I was going to buy the next day, I decided to pop over to the University of Florida’s great spreadsheet to be sure I didn’t miss out on anything that I could be growing.

For the first time, I noticed a little note at the bottom about another article on “minor vegetables” and decided to take a look.

What fun! I found so much information on various crops that will survive the terrible soil and hormonal weather patterns of North Florida.

Then I was really too excited to sleep. 😀

By the way, my mug says, “I listed Starbucks as my emergency contact at work.” One of my former students got it for me and it is one of my favorite mugs.

Enjoy the link!


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  1. Haha! I agree with your description of FL soil and weather patterns and love the mug! I have printed that same UF chart, but will have to look at the extras. Thanks for the heads up. BTW, my broccoli did the same thing yours did.

    • Yes, I was so excited to find a chart with some of the other vegetables we can grow and some of the more obscure vegetables. I plan to try a different type or hybrid of broccoli because I would really like a bit more variety in my fall and winter garden harvests.

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