Freeze Overripe Bananas for Smoothies


Do your New Year’s Resolutions involve losing weight or cutting back on added sugar?  Typically, when one thinks of overripe bananas, they think of banana bread. However, though banana bread is soo good, it does add quite a few calories to an otherwise healthy fruit.

what to do with overripe bananas

I have found that frozen bananas are great for making smoothies creamy. I also love how they sweeten the smoothie without me having to add refined sugar.

how to freeze bananas

Peel, slice, freeze separately on a cookie sheet, then put into freezer bags for a healthy, quick, and delicious addition to smoothies.

I like to make my smoothies with frozen fruit, yogurt, and a splash of milk. Do you like smoothies? What do you put in yours?
For another healthy snack, you could make kale chips. Hope your resolutions are going well!


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  1. I use whatever is around the house for a smoothie including leftover avocado, almost always yogurt, and whatever fruit is available. Since I sometimes don’t have any frozen bananas is a great idea

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