Easy DIY Evergreen Wreath- Tutorial with Pictures

Easy DIY Evergreen Wreath- Tutorial with Pictures

I love the smell of fresh pine. I also love free stuff. I usually combine both of these loves to make a fresh evergreen wreath each year with the free clippings offered by whoever cuts our tree.

My evergreen wreath is similar to ones valued at $40, but was so cheap for me to make.

This wreath makes a festive addition to a front door or a thoughtful gift for a neighbor.

Time to make an easy wreath!


1. pine clippings (you can get these free for the asking at many home improvement stores)

2. floral wire

3. pruners

4. wire cutters (optional, you can use your pruners just this once- I won’t tell!)

5. decoration of your choice: festive bow, berries, ornaments, etc.

how to make easy Christmas wreath

Start by trimming branches so that you have long boughs without too many offshoots.


Stack two branches, then secure the wire around them and begin wrapping the wire tightly up the branches.

Add another branch every 8 inches, wrapping them securely with wire as you go. It won’t be very pretty, but this strand will be the base of your wreath.


When you have the desired length, overlap the ends and wrap them together with the wire. Do not cut the wire yet.

You should have a sturdy base. Again, it may not be pretty, but it is just the foundation of your wreath and will eventually be covered.


Take more branches and lay them on top of the first, and wrap them as you go around the wreath. Allow more fullness this time, but do not worry about perfect symmetry.

diy Christmas wreath

After the second round, you should have a sturdy wreath ready for final touches.

Cut off little branches and poke them into the wreath where needed for fullness or symmetry. I don’t find the need to wire them into place, as they tend to fit snugly under wires or between branches.

Easy Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

Hang it up, check for bare spots, and trim where needed.

Homemade Christmas wreath with berries idea

Decorations are optional, but fresh berries are classic and are easily tucked into the wreath like the clippings.

easy DIY Christmas wreath with bow

You can also attach a coordinating bow.

Which look do you like best?

I know that I have some super-crafty readers- if you make this wreath, I’d love to see pictures! You can share them on facebook or post a link to your blog in the comments below.

If this seems too daunting, I have a really easy Christmas centerpiece idea coming up for you next!

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