My Gardening Hat and I Visit the Beach


Sometimes it’s nice to have a little variety.


The repetitive sounds of the waves are very relaxing, and I really do have to fight the temptation to fall asleep on the beach.

Blister City awaits me if I fall asleep on the beach.

Here there are no seeds to plant, no weeds to pull, no crops to harvest.

At first I am antsy, then I relax.

It’s a shame to live so close to these beautiful beaches and not visit once in a while.

I visit, then head home, hoping that I did not get burnt, and eager to see garden green.

Do you prefer the beach or the garden?


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  1. Garden, thank you. I don’t really have any beaches around to tempt me but I daresay I would still prefer the garden. I like the work of it. 🙂

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