Easy Chicken Salad with Fresh Dill


Summer is here! With all the sunshiny warmth, sometimes I’m in the mood for a light, simple lunch. I have some dill growing in my garden, and it was the inspiration for these yummy chicken salad sandwiches.

DSCN4481Here’s what you need: 2 cups chopped cooked chicken, green onions, 3 sprigs of dill, 1 stalk chopped celery,  dried cranberries (optional), pecans(optional but so good!), approx. 3/4 cup mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste. Makes 4 sandwiches.

DSCN4486Snip the onions and dill into little pieces with a pair of kitchen scissors, and coarsely chop the pecans. Mince the cranberries.

I had pecans that I harvested locally and was able to use them in this recipe. After trying to remove the pecans from their shells, I can appreciate why chopped pecans cost approximately $92.76 per teaspoon at the grocery. 🙂


Easy Chicken Salad with Fresh Dill

Mix all ingredients together with mayo and salt and pepper to taste. I like my chicken salad on the dry side, so I only used about 1/2 cup of mayonnaise. If you don’t like dried cranberries, you can substitute raisins or quartered grapes or just omit them altogether.

Are you eating gluten-free? Try it rolled in some romaine lettuce as a wrap or with some gluten-free crackers.

Trying to eat low-carb? This could be a welcome change in how you eat chicken.

I like chicken salad served on a croissant or with crackers. How do you like  your chicken salad?

For dessert, why don’t you take some cookie dough out of the freezer and bake yourself some fresh cookies?




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  1. I should know better than to read a post about food this late at night. Now I’m going to have to go raid the fridge to see how many of these ingredients I have on hand. Trouble is, I know I’m missing most of them which means I’ll probably be going for cookie dough without the healthy accompanyment. Oh well, I’m grocery shopping in the morning, at least I know what to add to my list.

    • Let me know how you like it; I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s also a great way to use up leftover chicken; sometimes I deliberately cook extra meat so it is ready to to for the next night.

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  3. Chicken and Turkey salad are two of my favorite bound salads. Your recipe is very similar to the same we used in the restaurant. Although I love pecans, next time you make your salad try one of these in place of the pecans. Toasted Walnuts chopped or (my favorite) toasted pine nuts.

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