I Have a BLUE Vinca!


Vinca bloom their little hearts out, even in the hot Florida summer. Pretty and heat-resistant, they are fabulous flowers to grow.

I bought a landscaper’s flat of assorted pink and white vinca about 5 years ago and they have reseeded for me every year since then.

I have only ever seen them in shades of pink and white, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw these at Wal-mart.


blue vinca

Blue is very rare in the flower world, and I really think of this as more of a deep purple, but it was so amazing to me that I just had to get one.

I plan to strictly stick to the list whenever I have one of my rare Walmart excursions, but they had blue vinca! What could I do? I wouldn’t have been able to stop thinking about them if I didn’t take one home with me.

Have you ever seen this? Are you pretty excited too?

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What has been your favorite gardening impulse buy?




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  1. Oh wow! one of my fav flowers here in south Florida!!! I have white and pink and a lavender color…but I am actually going to Walmart immediately to see if my store has them!!! Thanks for showing! Yeah, I would have bought instantly too!!!!!

    • Aren’t they neat? They were on a display in front of the building at the Walmart here. It will be interesting to see if any of the blue show up next year if I can save some seeds.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful. I have never seen that type before.

    I was at Walmart tonight to look at the seed packets and decided to look through the garden plants. I found packs of 9 sweet potatoes for $1.77. I picked up two. They are going in the new section of my garden. I love finding great deals.

      • I’ve never planted sweet potatoes, just russet. Are they supposed to produce more than one potato per plant?

        They are pretty plants, I planted them last night and they make the garden look full already. Can’t wait till they take hold and really start to grow.

  3. Yes, multiple potatoes per plant. I attempted to grow red potatoes a few years ago and had a small crop! It was a lot of fun, and I find all potato (white or sweet) tops to be extremely attractive!!! I might grow just for the foliage again this year!

  4. Blue vinca! I am going to check the closest Walmart here in Broward County. I love blue flowers too. My agapanthus are blooming right now. I have two varieties. One blooms earlier than the other. I can’t wait for the others to bloom. The blue salvia was beautiful for about four weeks but I am not sure if they will rebloom.

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