How to Save Daikon Radish Seeds


If you have eaten all the daikon radishes you can eat for the season ( have you tried this easy recipe?) , it is time to let some of them go to seed. No extra care is needed, when it begins to get warm they will bolt, or go to seed all on their own. First you will start to see delicate flowers.


The delicate flowers are a pretty edible garnish to spring salads. Don’t eat them all- save some for seeds! Soon after the flowers decline,  you will start to notice seed pods appearing.


They are edible and you can add the young slender pods if you want to add a radish flavor to fresh salads. Once they begin to grow larger, the seeds are  ripening. Wait for them to dry and lose their green color.


Crush the seed pods to release the light brown seeds. Blow gently to separate the chaff, which will drift away, leaving the heavier seeds.


daikon radish seeds

These seeds can be stored for next year, traded with a friend, or given away. In just a few minutes, you can have enough seeds for next year for free! Saving your own seeds is a great way to save money in your garden. I also have an entire post on how to get free seeds.

Saving your daikon radish seeds is very simple. You can save seeds from broccoli, cauliflower, and collards the same way. Do you like to save seeds or do you buy new seeds each year?


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  1. I have 10+ daikon plants. They have been flowering for the past 3 months (I live in San Jose, CA). The seed pods have been at least 1.5″ for the past 70 days or so. They are still flowering and the seed pods are still green (maybe some of them just SLIGHTLY turn yellow). My question is: how much longer do I need to wait till the seed pods turn brown so that I cab collect the seeds? I am wondering why it’s taking so long.


    • Glad to hear that you are trying to save your own seeds! The yellowish ones should be turning in the next week or two. You will find as it begins to warm outside, the plants will mature faster. With the number of plants you have, you should have plenty of seeds for next year! If you don’t think you will need all of the seeds that they will produce, you can eat some of the young green pods in salads or stirfry or use the flowers as a pretty edible garnish. Happy gardening!

  2. Thanx for great text. For my daikon radish, takes 40 days – grom seed till grown daikon. So, I collected seeds and I have idea to grow them one more time this year. Should I put seeds few weeks in fridge first? Sandra 😉

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