A Garden Tip For All My Prepper Friends


Sketching out your garden plan for the zombie apocalypse? Don’t forget the rutabagas!

Yes, they may be a random obscure vegetable with an funny-sounding name, but you won’t care about all that when you are fighting for survival.

DSCN4081       DSCN4086

Rutabagas are an efficient use of space as the entire plant is edible- root and leaves. They store well and can grow during the fall and winter in north Florida, providing valuable calories during that time.

DSCN4095      DSCN4091

I like to boil the peeled rutabaga root and mash them like potatoes.

The chopped greens are quite tasty and nutritious when sauteed in a little olive oil with minced garlic.

Two side dishes from one plant- what a great multitasker!

If you want to try the mashed rutabagas, the roots are sometimes sold near the carrots in the produce section. The farmer’s market in downtown Pensacola may have some of these as well.

Preppers, remember to include rutabagas in your survival garden!

Note: I do not live in fear of zombies; I just like rutabagas. However, I will eat a dandelion salad if needed. 🙂


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