Florida Raised Bed Gardening Update


If you have been following the raised bed gardening saga, you know that the garden has been built, filled and planted with transplants and seeds.

Thanks to God’s warm weather and gentle showers, the bush green beans are up!
It’s so exciting to hide a small, hard seed in the ground and see a lively green plant emerge.
I spotted this amazing display of color the same day. I love the color combination. I love the pink snapdragons with the yellow and purple pansies. I must plant some snapdragons next year-those are so beautiful!

Gardening is so exciting-and you get to eat the results too! Speaking of eating, have you tried my favorite kale recipe yet? It’s so delicious and good for you!


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  1. Sarah,

    Great post on the raised bed garden. Have to think the good compost over the years is really making it easy for the plants to grow as well. I was thinking that some Black Cow might help with those that want to get started right away.

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