Happy Spring!


Spring is easily my favorite season. I love the warmer weather and the flowers that arrive. I treasure the flowers I have right now, as they are some of the first of the season.


This is probably the most common spring flower in this area, the azalea. I love their exuberant, albeit short-lived displays.

Can you guess what this next flowering plant is? Look closely at the buds; you may recognize them. Think vegetable.


Did you guess broccoli? Look again for the little florets. The broccoli that we recognize is actually unopened flower buds. Neat, isn’t it?

How about this one? If you read my post “Getting Seedlings Ready for Transplant”, then you may remember what vegetable produces these flowers.


These delicate flowers are from the daikon radish. They are also edible and have a mild peppery radish flavor.

I can save their seeds later, but for now I am happy to see them bloom and am glad to have them attract the pollinators that will be so important to good yields in the garden later.

Happy Spring! What do you love about spring? Have you started planting yet?

I helped a retired couple get started on their raised bed today, pictures will be posted  soon!




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