What to do with a Broken Pot


Ever had a nice flowerpot break? Being the frugal gardener that I am, I usually just rotate the chip to the back. Alas, the break was way too big to hide this time. I really didn’t want to throw such a pretty pot away, so I decided to reuse it in my flowerbed.

When I looked at my (mostly dormant) flowerbed, I noticed that I had a little lonely parsley that looked like he could use a buddy. That gave me an idea! I could reuse the broken pot and add interest at the same time by putting the two together!

So I dug a little trench for the pot to hide the broken edge.
Then I nestled the flowerpot close so now it looks like the parsley is spilling out of the pot. Isn’t that pretty?

Now what about that random shard? How about making a plant label?
Florida sun can be pretty brutal; I hope that permanent marker is up to the challenge!
My little Shasta daisy should produce some pretty blooms this year. I started this little plant from seed last year and it has survived our winter. Maybe having a label will inspire it to bloom a little earlier. 🙂

I was able to reuse a broken pot in two ways! What do you think? Do you use broken pots in a creative way?


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